You will need Azure SDK installed…

In an earlier blog post, I was bemused that the Create New Project wizard was skipping the Azure configuration screen.

It has now been confirmed that this is because the Azure SDK is required as an installation pre-requisite in order to create and configure the Azure role, and to correctly support the deployment to Azure.

Additionally, I can also confirm that there is no dependency on the Azure SDK on the Casablanca runtime libraries themselves.

Installing Azure SDK

You can download the installer from This actually fires up a Web Platform Installer which can download and install other components in addition to the Azure SDK.


Clicking through will install the Azure SDK and any other components you have chosen to install/upgrade.

Hello World Revisited

Creating a new Casablanca Project raises the following wizard…


… followed by …


… which results in the following Solution Tree being created


The Worker Role references the Deployment Project, and the Deployment project references the Casablanca Service.

…and One Last Thing

When you are building worker roles, ensure that you fire up Visual Studio with ‘Run As Administrator’.

Without Administrator privileges, you will get:


You may also have to open up firewall ports and that kind of thing depending on how your development environment is set up…

Happy Coding!


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